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Whether your project is big or small, I understand that agility is crucial. Despite that, your project will be delivered in its best form, following a strict quality standard.

Contact me for any job you need: corporate and institutional advertising campaigns, virtual assistants (IVR), documentaries, e-learning (classes/coaching), podcasts, vignettes, etc.

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A little bit about Simone Mariah
I’ve always been in love with novelty! I’m a born communicator, but my style of communication goes beyond my voice. My voice is speech, it’s song, it’s emotion. But it’s also attitude! Since early in my life, it has opened many doors to festivals, weddings, graduations, and many other unforgettable moments in my own life and in other people’s lives. Then my voice met radio! I was embraced by it and its magic. It showed me an enchanting universe and provided me with valuable experience that has given me opportunities and connected me with people.
what is it that I do
Currently I lend my voice to countless companies from multiple countries. My gift is an object of constant improvement and daily refinement.
By paying attention to details, I strive to make my voice fly high and communicate emotions that may not originate in me, but pass through me to take on the world.
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The world’s best sound quality (Neuman TLM 103 microphone). Leading expert in audio production (SSL interface). Acoustic treatment and soundproofing of international quality standard. Customer service excellence. Efficient and effective delivery.

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